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The idea is simple: You teach something. You learn something.

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Shanghai will provide the setting for participants to be both teacher and learner during one evening event. You will be able to participate in a great gathering within the realm of art and education.

Fortunately, knowledge does not lessen through sharing. Sharing makes wisdom grow bigger. And the sharing of knowledge does not require institutions.
You could do it at home, teach your cousin or your neighbour and viceversa.

As a participant you prepare a 45 minute lesson to teach. You might want to show someone how to use a sewing machine (...and bring the
machine to use –  as we might not be able to provide the specific tools), or you might want to give an introduction to media art or to the art of origami.
You will be put in a one-to-one session with a skill exchange partner who is in the same situation. He will also be prepared to guide you through a 45 minute lesson.

Similar to language partners, both are constantly aware of sharing something. Whether they are giving or receiving they will be in the opposite situation shortly after.
You do not need to be afraid of having to speak in front of a big group, it will only be to one person: your skill exchange partner.

Vice Versa Shanghai: Non-institutional Skill Exchange is a project initiated by Daniel Wessolek and held and organized in cooperation with Andrea Neidhöfer from MoCA Shanghai. Check http://mocashanghai.org and/or http:/i-will-steal-your-idea.com/viceversa/ for additional information.

Q: This sounds interesting. How can I participate?
A: You think about something you would like to teach. You consider the timeframe and the tools you need. Then you send a short description following the Form VV01 (pdf, 88kb) to education "at" mocashanghai "dot" org.
Try to do so soon. We will then inform you about further proceedings.

Q: Preparing 45 minutes sounds like a lot of work. Why should I do this?
A: Someone else will also put he same effort to share something with you, and we bet you will learn a lot while preparing too.

Q: How will I find an exchange partner?
A: Before the lessons begin, everyone exchanges, through formalized process (similar to "Speed Dating") what they want to teach.
When everyone shortly introduced themselves to each of the other participants, partners will be set considering personal wishes with
the help of the host.

Q: Is there a dress code?
A: No, there is no formal dress code.

Q: I also could do that at home, why should I come to the event?
A: True. That would be great if you start doing that at home. The motivation to get started might be higher if you come to our happening.

Q: Are there other events that are similar?
A: Yes, quite a few. But each of these is also very different.
You could have a look into Schwarzmarkt (Blackmarket) by Hannah Hurtzig (http://www.mobileacademy-warsaw.com/), the Bank of Common Knowledge by Platoniq (http://www.platoniq.net/bck/) or the internet project Sclipo (http://sclipo.com)




Time: Wednesday August 1st, 2007, 8 p.m.
Place: People's Park (Gate #7), 231 Nanjing W. Road, MoCA Shanghai 2F Conference Room.
For further inquiries please check our website and email us at education "at" mocashanghai "dot" org or call us at 6327 9900-103.

Support: Prof. Christine Hill (http://volksboutique.org) & the Bauhaus University Weimar.